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    Thursday, July 31, 2008

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    A Beginner's Glossary of Blackjack Terms
    Thursday, July 31, 2008

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    Thursday, July 31, 2008

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The Ban-Ban and Ban-Nag (Chinese Blackjack)

Here are some things you need to know if playing the Chinese variant of blackjack.


A Ban-ban means a tie and when a player gets a ban-ban, it is thought that he or she has immediately won his bet and has become tripled from the dealer, the only exception is when the dealer consequently also gets a tie or a ban-ban, another exception is the free hand or what is also known as an escape.

When the dealer gets a ban-ban, it immediately means that he or she has won all the players' bets in triple, unless when the player also gets a ban-ban or the escape or what is also known as the free hand.


When a Chinese blackjack player gets a ban-nag, he will win immediately with his bets doubles by the dealer. The only exception is when the dealer also consequently gets a ban-ban or the ban-nag, another one could be the escape or the free hand and if the table dealer gets a ban-nag, he will win the bets of the players, immediately doubled, with the exception of the player getting a ban-ban where the dealer will lose to, or when the player gets a ban-nag which means a tie, or the escape or free hand.

The Players' turn

In checking for Blackjack, each of the players will take turns to make decisions accordingly which are dependent on the following conditions where the player could have an additional card.

1. Hit or stand - The total is greater or equal to sixteen and less than twenty one.

2. Adding one card - when the total is greater than sixteen

3. Stand - when the total is equal to twenty one

4. Busts- when the total of the cards is greater than twenty one

5. 5-Dragon - which means the number of the player's cards equals to five, and he or she will collect the win from the dealer as soon as possible.

6. House Rule - The player's card equals to 5 with the total of twenty one. The player shall collect immediately from the dealer.

Dealer's turn

After all players are done, the dealer has to make the following decisions, depending on the conditions. The dealer may hit more than one card if the following conditions are indeed met:

1. Hit or add one more card - The total is less than sixteen

2. To reveal some of the player's hand then hit / hit - when the total is greater than or equal to sixteen and is less than twenty one.

3. The player reveals all his or her cards if the total is equal to twenty one.

4. The dealer will bust if the total is greater than twenty one.

5. 5-Dragon where there total of the cards is 5, the consequence is to collect a double win from the players' bets.

6. The dealer may collect triple the bets from the players if the number of the cards is 5 and equals twenty one.

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